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4 layer circuit board is one of multilayer PCB, which have 4 layer copper in total. Four layer circuit boards have two routing layers (top and bottom) and two internal planes. One internal plane for ground and the other one for power, in these two internal layers, the through holes could be connected to, or isolated from the planes. Additionally, impedance control and blind/buried vias could be applied in four layer PCB.

The following  is an example layer stack up of 4 layer PCB Boards:

MOKOPCB specializes in prototyping and manufacturing 4 layer PCBs at a very competitive price for more than 14 years. Four layer printed circuit board supplied from MOKOPCB of great quality and high praised by customers, 4 layer Board could be quick turnaround as fast as 48 hours.

General Properties of 4 layer pcb for references.

Quantity 1-50000+
Material FR4, Aluminum based, etc
Thickness 0.5mm-3.2mm
Copper 1oz-6oz
Soldermask White, Black(matt),Green(matt), Red, Yellow
Finishing HASL, HASL-Rohs, ENIG-Rohs,Immersion Silver,Immersion Tin
Silkscreen Black, White, Yellow
Process Min. trace/space 4mil, Min. hole 0.15mm
Build time 48 Hrs-12 working days

More 4 Layer PCB Boards Example Below:

4 Layer PCB Fabrication Sample

4 Layer Bare PCB Boards

Double Sided 4 Layer PCB-FR4 Manufacturing

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