Once your prototype is ready for production, Maxtech offers full turnkey solutions for your production stage. MOKO will procure the bare PCBs, source the components, and take care of the PCB assembly.

China based Turn-key-PCBA Solution Provider
China based Turn-key-PCBA Solution Provider

This one-stop solution helps save you time since you work with only us instead of multiple suppliers. This streamlines your work load and gives you more time to dedicate to other issues rather than purchasing. You will be able to take advantage of lower costs as we are able to purchase parts at a competitive pricing due to our quantity discounts.

Advantages of MOKO’s Turnkey PCB Solutions

Electronic assembly experts: From initial design review advice to final assembly or manufacture, our PCB experts guide your projects to successful outcomes. If you are looking to minimize errors and rework, trust that you are in good hands. We have the experience and resources to help you get your products to market before your competitors in a cost-effective manner.

Full-service PCB solutions: We handle your project from end-to-end. This includes layout review, material procurement, PCB design/assembly and testing, as well as order management (i.e. shipping and warehousing). Having a single-point service provider to manage all your requirements increases efficiency and productivity. You will not have to deal with unnecessary errors and delays in your production and distribution schedule.

Expertise available to meet diverse industry requirements: Over the15 years, we have successfully served a wide range of industries, including medical devices, semiconductor testing and manufacturing equipment, telecommunications and industrial equipment. As a result, we have helped bring many groundbreaking products to market, including Satellite Assembly, and a  GPS Tracking System.

High quality output: Our ITAR and ISO-9001 Certifications assure our clients that we meet the highest quality standards. Advanced PCB assembly equipment and strict testing protocols deliver accurate and viable results for increased product performance and reliability. The PCB assembly project is handled entirely in-house, so we have full control over output. Turnkey PCB solutions ensure your specifications and timelines are met.

Cost savings: Our contract manufacturing and assembly services have been instrumental in helping hundreds of manufacturers reduce operating costs. Our extensive capabilities enable us to handle high volumes and pass the cost-savings on to our clients. Why incur the extra expense (and stress) of purchasing and maintaining equipment and staff, when we can do the job for you at a fraction of the cost?

Your Partner in High Quality Turnkey Assembly Services

We encourage you to take advantage of our one-stop solution. Our full turnkey assembly services allows you to streamline your work and help save you time as we take care of your parts and PCB procurement. With that being said, we do offer our all of our assembly services in either consignment or turnkey basis. Going beyond the circuit board level assembly, we also have the tools and production technicians to complete your final box build. Get in touch with us to see how we can help with your upcoming project or current assembly needs.

MOKO’s Turnkey PCB solutions guarantee your satisfaction; whether you are developing prototypes or filling a volume order. Our SMT line and experienced production technicians ensures the proper and accurate placement of your build. And at the last step, all of the assembled boards are subject to a rigorous visual inspection.
Request a quote for our turnkey PCB solutions and services. Email us with nicholas@mokotechnology.com or Call us at +86-755-23573370 Ext830 today.

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