Reliability, On Time Delivery and Competitive Pricing Rigid-Flex PCB Solutions

Reliability, on time delivery Rigid-Flex PCBs
Reliability, on time delivery Rigid-Flex PCBs

Looking for reliability, on time delivery and competitive pricing PCB solution? Let MOKO  provide you with a custom quote.
MOKO is able to offer designing and manufacturing a quality PCB board for over the past 15+ years. We utilize advanced technologies and our experience to create rigid-flex circuit boards of the best quality. Our advanced manufacturing facility safeguards that the quality of our products surpasses your expectations. We utilizes manufacturing practices to ensure that rigid-flex PCBs will be manufactured with precision and care.

Rigid flex printed circuit boards are hybrid boards that employ a combination of both flexible and rigid board materials.Rigid-flex PCBs provide a simple means to integrate multiple PCB assemblies and other components including display, input or storage devices with thin, light composites that integrate wiring in thin, flexible ribbons between sections. Rigid flexible PCBs can be utilizedin various array of applications. Increasingly, rigid flex board fabrication has been used for their space and weight reduction capabilities.

MOKO  provides our customers with rigid flex combination boards with a great variety of technologies, from complex multilayer rigid flex for commercial applications to high reliabilityPCBs.
Flex and Rigid Flex PCB combinations have their own unique manufacturing considerations and requirements that are well-understood by our team of experienced manufacturing engineers. With MOKO PCB, you can be assured that your PCB Flex and/or Rigid Flex product will have the quality and the reliability that you demand.

Benefits of Rigid Flex PCBs

  • Space requirements can be minimized by applying 3D
  • By removing the need for connectors and cables between the individual rigid parts the board size and overall system weight can be reduced.
  • By maximizing space, there is often a lower count in parts.
  • Less solder joints assure higher connection reliability.
  • Handling during assembly is easier in comparison with flexible boards.
  • Simplified PCB assembly processes.
  • Integrated ZIF contacts provide simple modular interfaces to the system environment.
  • Test conditions are simplified. A complete test prior to installation becomes possible.
  • Logistical and assembly costs are significantly reduced with flex-rigid boards.
  • It is possible to increase the complexity of mechanical designs, which also improves the degree of freedom for optimized housing solutions.

How to get A Fast Rigid Flex PCBs Quote

You can obtain Flex or Rigid Flex pcb & Assembly quote by emailing us your Gerbers & BOM for RFQ at call us at +86-755-23573370 Ext830  if you need further Assistance.

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