Advanced Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Assembly  for the Telecom Device Industry

Telecom Industry PCB Assembly
Telecom Industry PCB Assembly

Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) are extremely useful in the telecom industry. A wide range of electronic components used in various telecommunication devices are mechanically supported and electrically connected with the help of high-end PCBs.

MOKOPCB, a leading manufacturer of specialized PCBs, has developed superior quality circuit boards to meet the demanding requirements of the telecom industry. Right from the indoor day-to-day applications to the devices used at offices, MOKOPCB’s printed circuit boards serve the purpose of providing much needed electrical connectivity.

Assembling printed circuit boards requires experience and trained staff. At MOKOPCB, we have years of experience and are capable of handling the most complex assembly jobs. Our complete PCB assembly process includes assembly of components to final box build, inspection, and packaging for delivery. We were able to satisfy our customer with complete services when contracted to assemble a PCB for use in the telecommunications industry.

MOKOPCB More Telecom Device PCB Assembly  Samples & Capability Below:

TV Box Power Supply PCB Assembly

Smartplane Mainboard drone PCB Assembly

Signal Tracking PCB Assembly

GPSTracker PCB Assembly

Educational Device PCB Assembly

Customized Navigator PCB-assembly

The following repersent a few telecom applications that utilize telecom PCB, Telecom printed circuit boards:

  • Phone switching systems
  • Space communications technology
  • Signal boost online systems
  • Military communications systems
  • Cell transmission and tower electronics
  • Video collaboration
  • Information security technology
  • Satellite technology
  • High speed routers and servers
  • PBX systems
  • Voice over internet protocol
  • Wireless industrial and commercial phone technology

The main requirement of telecommunications industry is reduction in the size of devices while providing maximum mobility. Our PCBs are designed to meet these requirements and to support various additional features for the advancement of telecom industry.

MOKOPCB is a full-service electronic contract manufacturer.  We provide our customers with high performance PCBs for telecommunication applications. With a vast experience in the designing PCBs for telecom applications, we promise to provide you with the best services.Contact us today for more information or email your specifications to You can also receive a quote for your requirements through phone and email, or by submitting your specifications here.