Printed Circuit Boards Solutions For Home Appliance

MOKO's PCB Solutions For Home Appliance
MOKO’s PCB Solutions For Home Appliance

Home appliance make our life easier , when it comes to the home appliance. A printed circuit board is the heart and soul of every home appliance device. MOKO realize that PCB solution play important in home appliance industry, and enhance performance. Our printed circuit board assemblies support various applications within the home appliance industry.A printed circuit board is the heart and soul of every home appliance device.

Constant innovations in PCB design, manufacturing, and assembly processes have allowed the electronics industry to offer advanced functionalities today. MOKO offer latest innovations in PCB assembly to solve home appliance devices manufacturers in transforming complex concepts into reality.

With our innovative PCB solutions, we aim to improve your time to market for industrial electronic products. We offer complete testing and part trace-ability, and deliver top quality PCB products at competitive prices.

We have extensive knowledge and experience in providing printed circuit board assemblies can be found in control applications in various industries including medical equipment, Telecom communications, Wireless, LED Lighting, Aerospace and Satellite Industry, and military.

MOKO’s Home Appliance PCB Assembly Capabilities

PCB Assembly Manufacturing Available PCB Assembly Services PCB Assembly Machines
4 SMT lines Up to 12 layers, blind and buried via, impedance, heavy copper, HDI. Fuji CP8 series SMT mounters
2 DIP lines SMT/DIP Auto solder paste screen printer
0201 component In circuit test Reflow ovens with 10 zones
0.25mm BGA Function circuit test Auto optical inspection
SMT 4 million spot daily Burn in test Wave soldering (lead-free)
DIP 1 million spot daily Box Build PCB assembly test room

View the following MOKO New Energy Printed Circuit Boards Samples:

Volume Control PCB Assembly

Rigid Flex PCB Boardfor Air Purify Device

Game Machine PCBA Circuit Board

Door Opener PCB Board for Pet House

Control System PCBA  Board

Coffee Maker PCB Board

Home Appliance PCB Assembly

MOKO  is a professional manufacturer of high-tech products who can offer you PCB assembly OEM service for home appliances with competitive price.

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