PCB Copy, Printed Circuit Boards Copying Services

Are you looking for a reliable PCB copying services without files and just have the complete product ? Take it to us, we make it for you.
Perfect PCB Copying Solutions
Perfect PCB Copying Solutions

MOKOPCB continues to be recognized as the China Leader in Services for PCB Reverse Engineering, PCB Clone, PCB Copy and PCB Replicate. With the advancement of today’s modern circuit board technology, it is more important than ever to have specialists available to help you at a moment’s notice.

At MOKOPCB, we understand that PCB Copy is an invaluable service that businesses depend on daily. Our PCB reverse engineering services begin by taking a sample printed circuit board that you provide and use that information to create duplicates. Using only a sample, we can obtain all of the necessary application data needed to successfully engineer additional units. .

Email us at nicholas@mokotechnology.com the requirements for your PCB project here and we will get right back to you with a quote, or give our sales team a call at 86-755-23573370 Ext823.

How the PCB Copy process works?

Say you have a printed circuit board (PCB) that has parts on two sides and is 8 inches wide by 10 inches long.

Step1, we take your sample board and strip all the parts off the board and make up a bill of materials (BOM).

We use existing on board parts names (designations) or make up our own if none exists. We check to see if all major parts are available. We find specifications for all parts and include these with the BOM.

Step2, we use our proprietary process to make PCB File or Gerber file.

Step3, once we have the PCB File and BOM List, we can make schematic file.

After PCB Copy, we can also take your clone to reality with PCB fabrication and PCB assembly services. We will provide pricing ONLY after acquiring the BOM. We make it a policy to provide pricing ONLY after completing the BOM. That is the only way we can ensure accurate pricing.

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MOKOPCB is the established leader in providing innovative and reliable PCB & PCBA solutions for the electronic design industry. With over 15 years of experience in supplying high quality, on-time PCB & PCBA prototypes and mass production, MOKOPCB is committed to improving production process for the design engineer from quote to delivery.
MOKOPCB provides unparalleled customer service and leads the industry with a real On-Time Guarantee that is the first of its kind. For more information about MOKO’s innovative PCB & PCBA solutions, or to learn more about quote and ordering process,  email us at nicholas@mokotechnology.com. To save time, please share your project details, PCB design files, BOM and quantity requirements, we’ll evaluate your needs and reply at our top speed. They help and support you all the way right from quoting your project to final assembly.