Turnkey, Quick Turn, Low-volume Prototype PCB Assembly Service

Turnkey PCB assembly is A New asssembly Approach that leverages cloud-based software and onshore PCB manufacturing to make developing printed circuit boards fast and hassle free for engineers, entrepreneurs, small businesses and makers. You simply upload your design files and get an instant quote. The manufacturer takes care of the rest.

Some services take turnkey PCB assembly beyond just the boards and offer the services necessary to create your finished products. They will keep an inventory of your parts and assemble the product as needed. Fortunately, turnkey PCB assembly services are stepping up to meet the needs of today’s hardware designers.

Turnkey Printed Circuit Board Assembly Solutions of MOKOPCB

MOKOPCB is your turnkey solution for electronic assembly. Our capabilities range from proto-type to large volume production runs using semi-automated and fully automated surface mount and through hole assembly equipment. This allows MOKOPCB to meet the low volume needs of small manufacturers and the high volume needs of our larger customers.

MOKOPCB’s turnkey capabilities offer greater flexibility and savings to customers as we handle the sourcing of components, localization of purchases, materials handling and planning. Therefore the customer enjoys a smooth manufacturing experience with minimal overhead and infrastructure costs.

Our Turnkey PCB Assembly Solutions include:

Our Turnkey customers have come to expect the following:

  • Eliminate Non-value Added Activities
  • Reduce Manufacturing Costs
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction
  • Quick and Reliable Turnaround

Get a Instant Online Quoting and Ordering for Turnkey PCB Assembly

You can obtain price quotes on our website, or contact nicholas@mokotechnology.com As part of our constant efforts toward improvement, we welcome your feedback.MOKOPCB is all about delivering your printed circuit boards and assemblies on time, and providing excellent quality. We appreciate your business, and look forward to serving you.

MOKOPCB’s More PCB Services: