All-inclusive Surface Mount (SMT) PCB Assembly Services

Surface mount pcb assembly is one of the most popular services provided by MOKOPCB to customers. Our clients choose this service due to its valuable benefits such as high product quality and durability, as well as reduced process and handling costs.

Surface Mount PCB Assembly
Surface Mount PCB Assembly

SMT Capabilities and Equipment

At MOKOPCB, our SMT capabilities include, but are not limited to single and double sided boards, fine pitch components, BGA and micro BGA placement. A continuous flow assembly process is utilized to handle the production volume while maintaining high quality. This also allows us to provide delivery of your circuit boards within an expedited turnaround time.
Stencil Printing Machine
Reflow Oven
Automatic Dispensing Machine
Microscopy X-ray inspection machine
Environment Chamber (for control of humidity and temperature)
Rheometer (for solder paste, adhesive, and epoxy analyses)
Acoustics Scanning Microscope (for void and crack checking)

These machines enable us to provide precision printed circuit board assembly and component placement with specifications ranging from 0.3mm to 0.5mm. In wave soldering processes, we utilize adhesives to ensure that the components stick to the board when the solder paste is being melted. In the event of rework, our experienced engineers perform the task manually to ensure precision before the circuit boards are once again sent for inspection.

Testing and Inspection

Our testing and inspection services ensure that only circuit boards of the highest quality are readied for client delivery. We utilize the following evaluation processes:

Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM)
Vibration and shock testing
Temperature and humidity testing
Cross-sectioning, specimen preparation and evaluation

Our SMT assemblies adhere to RoHS and IPC regulations. We can even provide specific Smt assembly services for circuit boards with FR-4, Rogers, and aluminum materials. Contact us to know more.

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