Smart Heater Control PCB Manufacturer

The solution of smart smart heater control PCB in MOKOPCB, helping you to set up your own brand. MOKOPCB is a solution provider for smart home PCB,  for example, smart heater control pcb, smart water dispenser control PCB and so on, we can provide you one-stop design solution service according to your requirement. inculding production.
First you provide us your details requirement, then we will assess and contact it with you.we will provide the design solution after we reach a consensus;or you send us the similar prototype for reference, then our engineer design it.

What can the MOKOPCB’s smart heater control PCB solution offer you?

  • PCB Design and Manufacturing
  • Enclosure Design and Manufacturing
  • Function Development and Customized Firmware
  • Customized APP
  • Package Design and Manufacturing
  • Certification services

smart heater control pcb solutions

MOKOPCB’s PCB Manufacturing Service

  • Double-sided, Multi-layer Printed Circuit Boards.
  • Prototype, Pre-production and Medium to High Volume Production.
  • 24 Hours Rush Delivery
  • Electrical Testing
  • Anti-bag packing

Testing Procedures For PCB Board

—We perform multiple strict quality assuring procedures before shipment
Visual Inspection
Flying probe
Bed of nails
Impedance control
Solder-ability detection
Digital metallograghic microscope
AOI (Automated Optical Inspection)

Detailed Terms for Pcb Assembly

Technical requirement:

1) Professional Surface-mounting and Through-hole soldering Technology

2) Various sizes like 1206,0805,0603 components SMT technology

3) ICT(In Circuit Test),FCT(Functional Circuit Test) technology.

4) PCB Assembly With UL,CE,FCC,Rohs Approval

5) Nitrogen gas reflow soldering technology for SMT.

6) High Standard SMT&Solder Assembly Line

7) High density interconnected board placement technology capacity.

Quote requirement:

  • Gerber file of the bare PCB board
  • BOM (Bill of material) for assembly
  • To short the lead time, please kindly advise us if there is any acceptable components substitution.
  • Testing Guide & Test Fixtures if necessary
  • Programming files & Programming tool if necessary
  • Schematic if necessary

One-stop high-quality, low-mid volume Smart Heater Control PCB Solutions

Contact MOKOPCB with your custom Smart PCB needs. We will provide a fast reply to your request for a quote. Contact MOKOPCB with  all your printed circuit board assembly services and custom Smart Heater Control PCB needs, allow us an opportunity to provide a quote for your Smart PCB requirements. You can obtain a Smart Heater Control PCB & PCB Assembly quote by emailing us your Gerbers & BOM for RFQ at