Quick Turn PCB Assembly Services

Quick Turn PCB Circuit Boards from MOKO
Quick Turn PCB Circuit Boards from MOKO

Whenever you need fast, low-volume , mid-volume or prototype printed circuit board assemblies, no other company can provide you reliable and accurate assemblies as MOKO do. We help our customers to shorten their product development cycle and also help them to avoid using hand-assembled boards that are made by in-house technicians. We guarantee on time delivery of highly reliable quick turn PCB assemblies for prototype, small run and new product introduction (NPI) quantities. While we guarantee to ship PCB assemblies within 7 days, we have been known to turn around a job in one day when needed.

MOKO Quick Turn PCB Assembly Capabilities

everal years of experience in the PCB assembly industry have helped us attain proficiency in assembling your boards on time and within budget. Hitherto, we strive hard to achieve highest quality in all our project undertakings. Also, we complete your projects to the given specifications by following internationally accepted PCB assembly guidelines and standards.

Our capabilities include:

  • Prototype specialists for quick turns
  • RoHS 5 and RoHS 6 compliant
  • Quick-Turn prototypes
  • SMT assembly services or PTH mixed
  • Single or double-sided mixed technology quick turn PCB assembly
  • State-of-the art assembly equipment and methods
  • Assembly with customer-supplied parts (consigned assembly) or with parts procured by us (turnkey assembly) or a combination of the two
  • On time delivery and single point of customer service
  • Single or double sided assemblies upon request

MOKOPCB is proud to be your one-stop source for all types of PCBs, Printed Circuit Boards, and Full Turnkey PCB Assembly. For over 15 years our expert engineers have provided excellent services, they understand the importance of our product and work diligently to provide every customer the quality work that you expect as well as deserve.

Whether you require assembly, partial turn-key assembly, or full turn-key assembly our team will produce the PCB that suite your needs in no time at all. Every PCB is built to the highest quality standards, including Flex PCB and Rigid Flex PCB boards and Circuit Board Assemblies. Our Electronic Assembly Service is well known for their speed, quality and workmanship, they pride themselves on their reputation. No matter what your PCB needs are from bare circuit boards to box build and final assembly, MOKOPCB is your premier source, with the most competitive pricing in the industry and a commitment to total customer satisfaction.

Let our engineers at MOKOPCB work with you on the engineering and design of your Quick Turn PCB assembly.

For more information, contact us at Nicholas@mokotechnology.com, or call us at 86-755-23573370 Ext808.