Versatile Mixed Technology PCB Assembly Services

For Mixed Technology PCB assembly is performed first, followed by Thru-Hole Assembly.

SMT (Surface Mount Technology) boards: An ACI staff member checks each part for size, value, and part number, then State of the art equipment visually inspects each component prior to placing it exactly where it belongs on the board. Final inspection after soldering insures a quality product, every time.

Thru-Hole boards: kitted first, to ensure all components are the proper size, value, and part number. Leads are formed to the correct length and lead spacing. Components are inserted into the circuit board. A final part count and inspections both before and after soldering are used to insure your boards are manufactured the way you designed them.

MOKO Technology Ltd’s PCB Assembly Service includes Surface Mount Board assembly, Thru-Hole Board assembly, and Mixed Technology (both Surface Mount and Thru-Hole on the same board) assembly. We can procure the parts for you or work from a supplied kit.

At MOKO, we always strive to meet the changing assembly needs of various industries. Our mixed technology pcb assembly services are designed to provide solutions for applications where a combination of through hole and surface mount assemblies are required. We provide solutions for single and double sided, as well as multilayer mixed technology circuit boards.

Mixed Technology Capabilities and Equipment

We utilize independent automated mixed technology pcb assembly lines, which allow for fast production of prototypes and complete circuit board assemblies.

Our mixed technology pcb assembly services include:

  • Complete automated assembly equipment
  • Quick turn prototype and production builds
  • Automated flux dispensing and laser sighting
  • Fast and accurate placement machines for thin, small sized, lead components
  • High speed production of densely populated assemblies
  • Wave and selective soldering machines
  • Automated multi-stage aqueous cleaning
  • Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)
  • X-ray inspection
  • Chassis wiring and assembly
  • Functional testing

The entire gamut of services puts us in a strong position to take care of the entire process from assembly to delivery.

We follow industry best practices that allow for quick turn pcb assembly . We ensure that heights of components are less than 6mm, and that the mass to solder pad surface area ratio is less than 4.5cms.

We can accommodate specific requirements of customers. We have the capabilities to utilize titanium stiffeners for enhanced rigidity. Supplementary toe and thieving pads can be used during the soldering process.

MOKO offers Quality Assemblies, Delivered On Time, Our assembly equipment and techniques adhere to the regulations laid down in IPC Class 3 and RoHs regulations. Contact us to know more.

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