DSP Processor Printed Circuit Board Assembly

A digital signal processor (DSP) is a specialized microprocessor (or a SIP block),performs mathematical functions quickly to use real world signals from voice, audio, video, temperature, pressure, or position, which have been digitized. This allows the signals to be displayed, analyzed, converted to another type of signal, and be used in various operating environments. This must be done at very high speeds. The goal of DSPs is usually to measure, filter or compress continuous real-world analog signals.

DSP Processor PCB Board
DSP Processor PCB Board

MOKOPCB is one of China’s most professional DSP Processor PCB & PCB Assembly manufacturers. Offer one stop high-quality, low volume yet affordable  DSP Processor PCBA service with 15 years’ experience, ideal for engineering firms, makers and students. Instant online quote, no hidden costs, no strings attached, no delays.

MOKOPCB  DSP Processor PCB Assembly Capability

  • ISO 9001:2008 certified.
  • RoHS & Lead-Free pcb assembly.
  • Consigned Components or Turnkey.
  • Small quantities and quick turns available.
  • Single or double-sided mixed technology pcb assembly.
  • Capability to handle virtually any device including all types of BGAs, CGAs, QFNs, DFNs, CSPs and SONs.
  • BGA and Micro-BGA installation and rework with 100% X-Ray Inspection, Automated Optical Inspection.

DSP Processor PCB  Test Types

  • Visual inspection
  • X – ray Inspection
  • AOI Testing
  • In-Circuit Test
  • Functional test

Professional One-Stop Service for DSP Processor PCB Board Manufacturing and Assembly

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Our fabrication, assembly, and supply chain management capabilities make us a one-stop-shop for all your Printed Circuit Board needs.

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