Box Build Printed Circuit Board Assembly Services

Box Build Printed Circuit Board Assembly
Box Build Printed Circuit Board Assembly

Box build assemblies, which are also referred to as system integrations, are the key products as far as PCB assembly is concerned. These electro-mechanical assemblies have protective enclosures and sub-assemblies. They enable easy routing, as well as installation of cable and wire harnesses. Box build assembly is one of MOKO core service offerings. We provide complete solutions to customers, right from assembly to software installation.

What is a box build assembly?

A box build converts a set of electronic components into a fully working product, such as a smoke detector, a garage door opener or a hearing aid. The box build is the final assembly stage, resulting in a product that’s ready to sell or install

Our approach to a box build assembly

We source components from our trusted suppliers, to ensure strict compliance with your specifications and to allow tracking of all items back to source. Assembly of the PCBs and other elements is carried out in our workshops.

The next stage is mechanical assembly, ensuring the box build is carried out in accordance with your designs. Once tested, the final products can, if required, be put into their final packaging. We can also arrange for delivery to your customer, wherever they are in the world.

MOKO  is pleased to provide complete box build assembly services that offer a seamless extension of our customers operations. We can configure our assembly processes for in-line progressive or single cell work stations to maximize build time efficiencies. A flexible set up permits low volume, high mix or high volume, low mix requests. Our extensive experience with electro-mechanical assemblies allows us to add the electrical test element to any functional operation requirement. We employ a team of engineers and electronic technicians that work in conjunction with the assembly process to ensure all quality specifications are meet.

MOKO Box Build Services Include:

• Sub-Level Product Assembly
• Complete Assembly
• Testing (including customized procedures)
• Loading and Configuring Software
• Aftermarket Service and Repair of MOKO Manufactured Products

As an ISO 9001 certified facility, we create specific process instructions for each product to ensure a quality and repeatable process.