BGA PCB Assembly Services

The Premier Destination for BGA Assembly Services

MOKOPCB has immense expertise in Ball Grid Array (BGA) PCB assemblies. We provide BGA assembly services that are well-known among clients for producing quality circuit boards with precision component placement and soldering excellence.

BGA Assembly Capability

We have a wealth of experience handling all types of BGAs from micro BGAs (2mmX3mm) to large size BGAs (45 mm); from ceramic BGAs to plastic BGAs. We are capable of placing minimum 0.4 mm pitch BGAs on your PCB board.

BGA Advantages

The ball grid assembly provides various advantages, and are becoming integral part of electronic circuits.
Improved Manufacturing: BGA assembly helps improve soldering, which further improves manufacturing yields. Ball grid arrays feature wide spacing between connections, which also improves the solderability.

No Pin Bridging: BGAs are used in miniature packages for ICs having hundreds of pins. As a BGA improves solderability, there are lesser or no chances of adjacent pins bridging together when the solder is applied.
Efficient Use of Space: BGAs allow efficient use of space on a printed circuit board. This helps add connections around the edges, as well as under the SMD package.

Low-inductance Leads: Ball grid arrays have very short space between the PCB and package. They have low inductances and so, have superior electrical performance to leaded devices.
Heat Conduction:Ball grid array packages with distinct leads have lesser resistance to heat between the PCB and the package. This lets the heat generated by an IC inside the package to flow more effortlessly to the PCB. This protects the chip from getting overheated.

MOKOPCB has been providing BGA assembly, BGA rework and BGA Reballing services in EMS industry for over 10 years. With state-of-the-art BGA placement equipment, correct BGA assembly processes and X-ray test equipment, you can rely on us to build high quality and good yield rate BGA boards.