Smart Printed circuit boards is at the core of all services provided by MOKOPCB. We specialize in providing solution driven services that can support low to mid volume circuit board requirements of our customers. APP control wifi smart home solution pcb design service smart control pcb&pcba board design . Whether you require assembly services for prototypes, small volume productions, or for introducing a new product, we act as a one stop destination for your Smart printed circuit board assembly needs.The solution of smart home in MOKOPCB, helping you to set up your own brand.

What can the Eastwin Smart home solution offer you?

1. PCB Design and Manufacturing

2. Enclosure Design and Manufacturing

3. Function Development and Customized Firmware

4. Customized APP

5.Package Design and Manufacturing

6. Certification services

Regardless of the Smart PCB Solutions you choose, we strive to provide fast production and delivery of quality circuit boards within minimum time. Contact us to know more.

More professional service, more concessions,or free samples, Email us at Our experts are available to consult you for your project. Request a Free online Quote here!

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Industries & Application Areas MOKOPCB’s Smart PCB Assembly Served

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