Wireless Router Printed Circuit Board Manufacturer

Wireless Network routers are quickly evolving. They are no longer simple hardware devices that connect disparate networks. Wireless routers have become sophisticated devices capable of many functions beyond routing. More Cisco customers are now deploying network routers that can deliver integrated services and multiple applications, like voice, video, data and Internet access, and wireless.

Wireless Router PCB Manufacturer
Wireless Router PCB Manufacturer

MOKOPCB is committed to providing high-quality Wireless Router PCB circuit boards. These circuit boards meet expectations of our clients in the form of durability, longevity, and cost efficiency.

Wireless Router PCB Assembly Capabilities of MOKOPCB

We believe the following PCB assembly capabilities have made us one of the leading wireless router PCB design and assembly services in China.

PCB Solutions: We can provide the following types of PCB solutions to clients
Single and double sided PCB assemblies
Rigid, rigid-flex, and flex circuit boards
Surface mount PCB Assebly technologies
RoHS and non-RoHS assemblies
Mixed technology PCB solutions
Low noise circuits in various RF and Bluetooth frequencies
Small footprint components to meet miniature device requirement

If you wish to seek our profesional Wireless Router PCB design and assembly services for wireless applications, request a fast quote for Wireless Router PCB, you can contact us today.

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