Wireless Charger Transmitter PCB Manufacturer

Wireless charger transmitter is a controller/driver IC for a 5 V Qi-compliant wireless charger. If the receiver is recognized, it will safely initiate wireless power transfer from the transmitter to the receiver, while monitoring for any fault conditions like interfering metal objects or overheat conditions.

Wireless Charger Transmitter PCB Manufacturing
Wireless Charger Transmitter PCB Manufacturing

MOKOPCB offers Wireless charger transmitter PCB manufacturing and assembly. We bring you expertise and leadership, combined with a versatile feature set for your wireless charging designs.

Wireless Charger Transmitter PCB Description:

The Wireless Charging PCB Module can be applied in electronic equipments in common use for close wireless charging or power supply. Consisted of a transmitter and insulation coil,  Its small size and insulation coil is more suitable for using in wireless project. Both transmitter and receiver’s insulation coil are built-in the PCB.

Wireless Charger Transmitter PCB Manufacturing Capabilities

8 SMT lines Up to 12 layers Fuji & Samsung SMT mounters
3 DIP lines SMT/DIP Auto solder paste screen printer
0201 component In circuit test Reflow ovens with 10 zones
0.25mm BGA Function circuit test Auto optical inspection
Laser stencils Burn in test Wave soldering (lead-free)
Senju solder paste Box Building X-ray

High Quality Wireless Charger Transmitter PCB Manufacturer

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