RF Helicopter PCB Board Manufacturer

RF Helicopter PCB Board
RF Helicopter PCB Board

The increasing use of robotics and similar technology in various industries means that a variety of remote control products are being used to get the work done. PCB board assemblies are crucial devices that aid in the smooth motion and strong electronic connections between the controls and the industrial equipment.

MOKOPCB offers Mini UAV Quadcopter control board ,UAV helicopter pcb board, unmanned Aerial Vehicle UAV drone controller PCBA for your remote controlled machines requirement.

Detailed Specification of RF Helicopter PCB Manufacturing

1 Layer 1-30 layer
2 Material FR-4,CEM-1,CEM-3,Hight TG,FR4 Halogen Free,FR-1,FR-2,Aluminum
3 Board thickness 0.2mm-7mm
4 Max.finished board side 500mm*500mm
5 Min.drilled hole size 0.25mm
6 Min.line width 0.075mm(3mil)
7 Min.line spaceing 0.075mm(3mil)
8 Surface finish/treatment HALS/HALS lead free,Chemical tin,Chemical Gold,Immersion gold Inmersion Silver/Gold,Osp,Gold Plating
9 Copper thickness 0.5-4.0oz
10 Solder mask color green/black/white/red/blue/yellow
11 Inner packing Vacuum packing,Plastic bag
12 Outer packing Standard carton packing
13 Hole tolerance PTH:±0.076,NTPH:±0.05
14 Certificate UL,ISO9001,ISO14001,ROHS,CQC
15 Profiling Punching Routing,V-CUT,Beveling
16 Assembly Service Providing OEM service to all sorts of printed circuit board assembly

All our RF Helicopter PCB Board assemblies undergo strict AOI inspection after PCB assembly. This helps to avoid any major errors. The final product is sent for delivery only after it has passed all requirements and tests. All our circuit board assemblies are compliant with the following standards and certifications:

RoHS 5
RoHS 6

Our PCB Assembly can be found in control applications in various industries including communications, medicine, manufacturing, and military. If you would like to know more about our products and capabilities, please contact us via telephone at 86-755-23573370 Ext823, or via email at Nicholas@mokotechnology.com.