Rc Car Printed Circuit Board Assembly

MOKOPCB is the leading innovator in the Rc Car PCB manufacturing and Assembly market. Printed Circuit Board Assembly is as critical a process as circuit board manufacturing. MOKOPCB understand this point completely and provide PCB assembly services to meet the varied needs of our customers. We have the capabilities of upgrading existing PCBs as well as assembling brand new components.

RC Car PCB Manufacturing
RC Car PCB Manufacturing

MOKOPCB provide high-quality bare PCB and PCB assembly service, including components sourcing, function test, conformal coating and complete assembly for clients all over the world, Our main market is Europe, north USA, Australia, South America, and Asia.

Detailed Specification of Rc Car PCB Manufacturing

1 Layer 1-30 layer
2 Material FR-4,CEM-1,CEM-3,Hight TG,FR4 Halogen Free,FR-1,FR-2,Aluminum
3 Board thickness 0.2mm-7mm
4 Max.finished board side 500mm*500mm
5 Min.drilled hole size 0.25mm
6 Min.line width 0.075mm(3mil)
7 Min.line spaceing 0.075mm(3mil)
8 Surface finish/treatment HALS/HALS lead free,Chemical tin,Chemical Gold,Immersion gold Inmersion Silver/Gold,Osp,Gold Plating
9 Copper thickness 0.5-4.0oz
10 Solder mask color green/black/white/red/blue/yellow
11 Inner packing Vacuum packing,Plastic bag
12 Outer packing Standard carton packing
13 Hole tolerance PTH:±0.076,NTPH:±0.05
14 Certificate UL,ISO9001,ISO14001,ROHS,CQC
15 Profiling Punching Routing,V-CUT,Beveling
16 Assembly Service Providing OEM service to all sorts of printed circuit board assembly

We provide effectual PCB Assembly and functional testing services. Our capabilities include SMT and PTH technologies, which allow us to provide assembly solutions for:

Components on these circuit boards are fixed using the following processes:

  • Through Hole Solder
  • SMT and PTH Solder

We can even provide a combination of SMT and PTH assemblies for clients with custom PCB requirements. We are able to accomplish this by utilizing state-of-the-art equipment.

Our engineers ensure that every step of the assembly process is meticulously followed and completed. The use of PCB ASSY equipment helps us maintain the level of quality and excellence expected by our customers. the perfect combination of advanced assembly equipment, and experienced and well-trained technical personnel allows us to deliver high grade PCBs to our customers.

Need quick-turn Rc Car PCB Manufacturing? MOKOPCB makes it easy to get all those parts assembled on your prototype PCBs, fast and easy with our online quoting and ordering