What Are Printed Circuit Boards, Exactly?

At the heart of all electronics is the printed circuit board, typically abbreviated PCB. Without a printed circuit board, your laptop, phone and other electronic devices can’t do a thing. To help illustrate the importance of the PCB layout, here’s a basic rundown.

Printed Circuit Board Layout & Design Services
Printed Circuit Board Layout & Design Services

The printed circuit board, or PCB, is sort of the spine of your electronic device. It’s the medium through which signals and power travel over lines and pads to different points. The predecessor to the PCB was point-to-point wired circuits, which were not very efficient and were prone to short circuits and other failures as the wiring aged.

When the idea of wire wrapping — creating specific connection points where gauge wire would be wrapped around a post — came along, the PCB was born. These wire-wrapped connection points were highly efficient compared to the old method. As technology marched on, this early version evolved into the silicon and integrated circuit relay connections found in PCBs today.

How does a PCB work?

A PCB is sort of like a pizza. Different materials are layered on top of each other, making a highly desirable and effective finished project when it all comes together:

The PCB Base:

The PCB Base is like your pizza crust. It’s typically a fiberglass board (specifically FR4), and it is the solid foundation of the PCB that makes it thick and rigid. Some more flexible PCBs can be made with a high-temperature plastic or epoxy base. These are cheaper to manufacture, but are not as durable as FR4.

Copper Layer

The copper layer is like the sauce for your pizza. A thin copper foil layer is adhered to the board. If you have a single layer board, your copper layer is only on one side. In a double-layer board, copper is added to both sides of the base.

Solder mask Layer

The solder mask is like the cheese layer of your pizza. It goes on top of the copper layer and prevents solder jumpers by helping ensure the soldering marks are correct. The solder mask layer also insulates the copper traces so the copper does not make contact with other conductive parts of the board, and it’s what gives your board its color.

Silkscreen Layer

The silkscreen layer is like your pizza toppings. It puts the finishing touches on the PCB, adding numbers, layers and symbols to guide manufacturers during the assembly process and to indicate where each point or component is to be placed or connected

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  • High speed, multi-layer digital PCB designs – Bus routing, differential pairs, matched lengths.
  • HDI Designs with micro vias and advanced materials – Via-in-Pad, laser micro vias.
  • PCB Designs for space, military, medical and commercial applications…
  • Extensive RF and analog design experience (printed antennas, guard rings , RF shields…)
  • Signal integrity issues to meet your digital design needs (tuned traces, diff pairs…)
  • PCB Layer management for signal integrity and impedance control
  • High density SMT designs (BGA, uBGA, PCI, PCIE, CPCI…)
  • Bluetooth Low Energy Electronic Product design,such as smart wristband,smart home…
  • Ultra low EMI designs for MRI applications
  • Complete assembly drawings
  • In-Circuit Test data generation (ICT)
  • Drill, panel and cutout drawings designed
  • Professional fabrication documents created
  • Autorouting for dense PCB designs

When you are done drawing your board, it is time to get your PCB design ready for manufacturing.

This basically means you need to check your board for errors and convert your board layout to Gerber files. Then, choose a cheap PCB manufacturer such as MOKO and get your PCB board fabricated.

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