Multilayer Printed Circuit Boards Manufacturer

MOKOPCB is a leading supplier of PCB multilayer boards, which are more complex and have a variety of differences from the standard single- and double-sided PCBs.

Multilayer printed circuit boards have at least three layers of conductive material, set right in the middle with multiple other layers stacking on this core. In many cases, these other layers are copper foil, but as a smart multilayer PCBs supplier, MOKOPCB can work with you to support a large array of materials.

Experience With Custom Multilayer PCBs

MOKOPCB is a pioneer manufacturer of multilayer PCBs, and we have extensive experience with customers using these boards across multiple applications and industries. We can ensure that your boards are built to the tightest of standards.we has been producing Multilayer PCBs for over 15 years. Over the years, we have seen all types of multilayer constructions from various industries, answered all types of multilayer questions, and solved all types of problems with multilayer PCBs.

Multilayer Printed Circuit Board Process

Manufacturing PCB multilayer boards starts by creating the PCB core.

Prepreg layers — made of the same material as your core — are added next. These layers are not fully cured, so they can be adjusted and processed more than the core.

Foil is then added, and can be alternated with additional prepreg layers, through a lamination process. We’re an established manufacturer of multilayer PCBs, so we rely on the latest pressure and high-temperature techniques to ensure that the boards are properly fused and the prepreg layers are safely melted to join all of the layers.

Benefits of Multilayer PCBs

The entire curing process used to manufacture PCB multilayer boards creates a unified, extremely tough, solid multilayer board. This delivers a variety of benefits:

  • Considerable space savings
  • EMI shielding with ground and power layers
  • High assembly density
  • More flexible boards
  • Reduction of the need for interconnection wiring
  • Simpler incorporation with impedance features

Applications of Multilayer PCBs

Multilayer PCBs suppliers like MOKOPCB have provided boards for an extremely wide range of industries and applications. Here are just a few highlights of where you’ll find work done by a proud manufacturer of multilayer PCBs:

  • Atomic accelerators
  • Cellular transmitters and repeaters
  • Computers
  • Data servers and storage technology
  • Fiber optics
  • Fire alarms
  • Global weather and space probe analytics equipment
  • GPS and satellite systems
  • Heart monitors
  • Industrial controls
  • X-ray and CT scan equipment

MOKOPCB is  Your Experienced Multilayer PCBs Manufacturer?

Choose MOKOPCB as Multilayer PCBs supplier  is a best choice for many leading companies, because we provide an unprecedented level of service and flexibility. No order is too small or too large to qualify and offfer best engineering support.

Our orders are delivered right on time more than 99% of the time, but we’re still able to offer competitive pricing. Learn more about our multilayer PCB, send your BOM and all requirements to, we’ll quote within 24 hours.