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Anyone in the printed circuit board (PCB) industry understand that PCB’s have copper finishes on their surface. If they are left unprotected then the copper will oxidize and deteriorate, making the circuit board unusable. The surface finish forms a critical interface between the component and the PCB. The finish has two essential functions, to protect the exposed copper circuitry and to provide a solderable surface when assembling (soldering) the components to the printed circuit board. Now let’s look at the Immersion Silver PCB Services.

Immersion silver is a RoHS compliant finish available on any PCB configuration, at no additional cost.

Immersion silver is:

  • Less expensive than Electroless-Nickel Immersion Gold (ENIG)
  • Safer than immersion tin (for the environment)
  • Easier to use than Organic Solder Preservative (OSP)
  • Has a leveler (planar) surface than hot air surface leveling (HASL)
  • Well suited to lead-free assembly techniques

Immersion Gold is a replacement chemistry. In other words, it attaches to the Nickel by replacing atoms of Nickel with atoms of Gold.  The recommended Gold thickness is 2-4 µin. The purpose of the immersion Gold layer is to protect the Nickel surface and maintain its solderability. Immersion gold PCB assembly for industrial controllers, medical equipment, agricultural machine, we have a very happy cooperation together under our fast delivery, competitive price, High quality, as well as professional and fast service.

Our Immersion Silver PCB Assembly Samples

Immersion Silver PCB Assembly

Immersion Silver PCB Fabrication

Immersion Silver PCB Board

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We offers Immersion Silver PCB manufacturing service for our PCB customers. We will quote you in a short time, we will guarantee all components are original, we will follow your BOM list to purchase components, also our PCBA prices are competitive like our PCBs.