Heavy Copper Printed Circuit Boards Solutions

In circuit systems which require High Reliability, MOKO Technology Ltd is able to offer IPC Class III circuits.  In situations where your system is running a high power we offer heavy and extreme copper tracing, plated through holes (PTH), surface pads, ground planes, and heat sinks.  By electroplating heavier copper to your pcb you are insuring high reliability and efficient power distribution. MOKO is a highly skilled PCB manufacturer that can develop and produce a superior heavy copper PCB product of the highest quality. We offer a heavy copper PCB manufacturing service that uses copper weights of up to 15oz (525μm).

In fact, we have found that heavy copper tracing can even act as its own heat exchanger dissipating as much as 20% of overall temperature.  Extreme copper thickness can be plated as high as 30oz.  Consult your design with us today and we will make it manufacturable

Get A FREE PCB Sample from MOKO
Get A FREE PCB Sample from MOKO

Heavy Copper and Extreme Copper PCB Applications

Heavy or Thick copper PCB products are used extensively in power electronic devices and power supply systems. A growing trend in the PCB industry, this unique type of heavy copper PCB features a finished copper weight of more than 4oz (140μm), compared to the 1oz (35μm) or 2oz (0μm) copper weight generally found in those with a standard PCB copper thickness.

  • High Power Distribution
  • Planar Transformers
  • Heat Dissipation
  • Power Converters
  • Amplification Systems
  • Solar Panel Manufactures
  • Power Controllers
  • Welding Equipment

MOKO’s Featured PCB Solutions

Custom Quotation for Your Heavy Copper PCB Project

Please send your PCB design file (Gerber format preferred. Read our Preorder Checklist first) and requirements to Nicholas@mokotechnology.com, we’ll review your request and quote at our top speed.

If you have any questions about our PCB capabilities or your custom project required specifications are not listed in this page, please contact us at your convenience via our online chat tool or directly email our engineers at Nicholas@mokotechnology.com