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HDI PCB Boards Manufacturer

High Density Interconnect (HDI) are integral elements of advanced electronics. They are referred by a variety of names, such as Microvia Process (MVP), Sequence Build Up (SBU), and Build Up Multilayer Boards (BUM). These PCBs are loaded with technical characteristics, which make them ideal for today’s devices demanding excellent performance, and lightweight designs.

What are HDI PCBs?

High Density Interconnect (HDI) PCBs receive their name from high density routing connections, which hold a large number of components. These high density routing connections have helped reduce the footprint of various popular electronic devices such as tablets, smartphones, computers, and wearable technology products like Virtual Reality (VR devices), and fitness bands.

Most high-density circuit boards fall into one of six different categories. They are PCBs with:

  • Buried vias and through vias
  • Coreless construction using layer pairs
  • Alternative constructions of coreless builds that use layer pairs
  • Passive substrate constructions with no electrical connection
  • Through vias from surface to surface
  • Two or more HDI layers with through vias

HDI technology in printed circuit boards and other areas has been a key driver for developing many of the electronics we use today, especially those whose form factors have significantly decreased in size and weight in recent years.

The smaller the equipment gets, the more likely HDI plays a role in its function. That means you need to work with an excellent HDI PCB supplier, because even a small defect or layout mishap can cause major problems in those tight tolerances.

Why to Use HDI PCBs?

HDI PCBs offer several technical advantages over Surface Mounted (SMT) and through-hole boards.

  • Design Flexibility: The HDI board offers more design flexibility to a designer than SMT or through-hold board. The designer can take advantage of high component density, which aids in faster signal processing.
  • Small Footprint: Due to advanced technical characteristics, HDI boards can easily accommodate more connections in the same board with a less number of layers.
  • Reliability: The HDI boards have small vias, which offer superior reliability over through hole vias due to its low Aspect Ratio (AR).
  • Ideal for Dense and Complex Packages: HDI is an option for dense and complex packages, where high pin counts, as well as low pitches are involved.
  • Increasing Demand for Small Printed Circuit Boards: HDI boards fulfill the increasing demand for small PCBs. Non-HDI boards claim more space and weight, which makes them difficult to use in many situations. Also, multiple PCBs can be integrated into a single HDI.
  • Signal Integrity: Advanced technical characteristics of this PCB helps improve signal integrity, and electrical performance, which makes them simply popular over SMT or through-hole boards.

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