Hot Air Solder Leveling (HASL) PCB Manufacturer

HASL stands for Hot Air Solder Leveling. HASL is a popular surface finish used on printed circuit boards with a long successful history.


To create the HASL finish, the printed circuit board will be submerged in molten solder (tin/lead). This solder will cover all the exposed copper surfaces. Upon retraction from the solder, high-pressure hot air is blown over the surface through air knives, this levels the solder deposit and removes the excess solder from the board surface.

HASL provides a very reliable solder joint and shelf life. HASL makes component soldering very effective, but due to the thickness of HASL coating, the planarity of the surface may be unsuitable for fine-pitch components. The HASL deposit is made from a eutectic blend of tin and lead.

MOKOPCB is a leading the PCB industry for over 15 years, providing some of the most innovative printed circuit board technologies and highest quality standards found in the industry today.  You can count on us to cater to your specific needs, from the simplest boards to the most complex designs for small quantity and large-scale production.

Hot Air Solder Leveling(HASL) surface finish is available on all our PCB boards services and at no additional cost.

MOKOPCB is a leader in Printed Circuit Board solutions and is committed to taking an active role in working closely with our customers and suppliers to identify and rapidly eliminate hazardous substances from their products. As an ISO 9001:2000 registered company, MOKOPCB is fully supportive of electronics industry efforts throughout the world to phase out the use of lead and other undesirable elements.

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