FR4 Printed Circuit Board Manufacturer

FR4 (FR = Flame Retardent)is a glass fiber epoxy laminate. It is the most commonly used PCB material. 1.60 mm (0.062inch). FR4 uses 8 layers glass fiber material. The maximum ambient temperature is between 120o and 130oC, depending on thickness. PCB using FR4 as core material will be named as “FR4 PCB”.

FR4 HASL PCB Manufacturing

Most PCB boards are manufactured using glass-reinforced epoxy laminate as the substrate. While there are a wide variety of laminates available on the market, FR-4 is both versatile and well-accepted as a standard material for PCB manufacture. FR-4 functions well as an electrical insulator, and has a good strength-to-weight ratio, and is flame resistant.

Classification of FR4 PCB

According to number of copper trace layers, FR4 printed circuit board is normally divided into following types:

  • Single Sided (S/S), or Single layer;
  • Double Sided (D/S), or double layer, 2Layers, 2L;
  • Four Layers (4L), Six Layers (6L), Eight Layers (8L), Ten Layers (10L)
  • Board with more than 10L

In fact, for board more than four layers, people will named it “Multi-layer PCB”. According to that standard, there’re only three types of PCB: Single, Double and Multi-layers.

FR4 PCB Manufacturing

Printed circuit boards, PCBs, can be made from a variety of substances. The most widely used in a form of glass fiber based board known as FR4. This provides a reasonable degree of stability under temperature variation and it does not break down badly, while not being excessively expensive.

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View FR4 PCB Samples BY MOKO Manufacture:

Double Sided FR4 PCB Board

Multi- Layer FR4 PCB

6 Layer FR4 PCB Circuit Board

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