High Quality Double Sided PCB Manufacturer

First, a double sided PCB and single sided PCB are essentially the same.  The difference being is that a single sided board has copper on one side of the board. Technically speaking, a single-sided board will not have copper plated in the drilled holes either.

Double Sided PCBs (also known as Double-Sided Plated Thru or DSPT) circuits are the gateway to higher technology applications. They allow for a closer (and perhaps more) routing traces by alternating between a top and bottom layer using vias. Today, double sided printed circuit board technology is perhaps the most popular type of PCB in the industry.

Double-Sided PCB Manufacturing

Double sided circuit board is a kind of very important PCB. It is widely used. To recognize a double-sided PCB board is also very simple. After you understand what is single layer PCB, two side PCB is the extension of one side PCB. When a single side circuit is not enough, it will need to go to the opposite side. There will be conductor/line on both two sides. Double Layer PCB with another feature is that it has PTH vias. Simply speaking, double sided PCB is with two-sided traces, a top layer,  and bottom layer.

How Are Double Sided PCBs Made?

Our Capabilities of PCB Manufacturing

Total Pad Size Standard Advanced
Capture Pad Drill + 0.008 Drill + 0.006
Landing Pad Drill + 0.008 Drill + 0.006
BC Mechanical Drill (Type III) 0.008 0.006
Laser Drill Size 0.004-0.010 0.0025
Material Thickness 0.0035 0.0025
Stacked Via Yes Yes
Type I Capabilities single & Double Deep Yes Yes
Type II Capabilities Buried Vias with Microvias Yes Yes
Type III Capabilities Yes Yes
Copper Filled Microvia Yes Yes
Smallest Copper Filled Microvia 0.004 0.0025
Copper Filled Microvia Aspect Ratio 0.75:1 1:1
Smallest Laser Microvia Hole Size 0.004 0.0025
Laser Via Aspect Ratio (Depth:Diameter) 0.75:1 1:1

Benefits of Double Sided PCBs:

  • More flexibility for designers
  • Increased circuit density
  • Relatively lower costs
  • Intermediate level of circuit complexity
  • Reduced board size (which can reduce costs)

MOKOPCB has over 15 years experiences in double sided layer circuit board manufacturing and continues to pursue breakthroughs. We have opened new plants and introduced new advanced processing equipment. We can do fast delivery, and strictly control the quality of production to ensure the reliability of production.

Feel free to contact MOKOPCB to learn more about our double-sided PCB manufacturing. If you have any specific project requirements not listed on the online quote form, you can contact us by phone or email our engineers directly at Nicholas@mokotechnology.com, we can’t wait to hear from you! We look forward to serving you and all of your PCB needs!