Printed Circuit Boards Component Sourcing Services

With our PCB Assembly business expanding, we added comprehensive components sourcing services to improve our PCB assembly production line efficiency, enable you more time on project engineering and designing.
The low costs we can offer are also coupled with a fully traceable purchasing system where required. Purchasing is carried out using only franchised distributors or we deal with the component manufacturer directly to ensure that the best opportunities are explored. We have the ability to hold high levels of component stock to ensure that rapid response and a truly flexible supply chain can be offered to our customers. Using our material requirements planning system, and a dedicated team able to expedite any request, we can ensure that customer needs will be met and where possible, exceeded.

Our Components Sourcing services consist of two options:

• We purchase parts from leading authorized distributor of electronic components;
• We purchase parts from your recommended channels;

Our years’ experience in circuit assembly allows us to build strong cooperative relationship with authorized component distributors including Digi-Key, Mouser Electronics, Arrow Electronics, Avnet, etc. which makes it possible for us to get any of your required components at cheap prices.

Reputable Component Sources

To guarantee components’ durability, quality & performance and empower your circuit boards with the best possible functions, we will purchase your components from authorized distributors by default. We source the key components from the famous chips distributors to ensure the chips quality before assembly.

IQC Inspection

Components IQC process to control the components are the correct ones to be used.

Easy Component Tracking

ERP system of the Components Sourcing to check the status for each component timely.


Prototypes are made to verify the components function and customer’s designs.

How to Get a Free Quotation of Components Sourcing

Send your BOM and all requirements to, we’ll quote within 24 hours.