Smart Bluetooth Module PCB Board Manufacturer

Smart Bluetooth Module PCB Manufacturer
Smart Bluetooth Module PCB Manufacturer

MOKOPCB is a high-tech Smart Bluetooth Module PCB manufacturer which is an expert in the research, design, production and sales of  Bluetooth Module circuit boards. And it also is one of the original qualified manufacturing businesses of  PCB circuit boards in China. We basically offer complete PCB solution for smart doorbells, smart home , wifi power plugs, indoor or outdoor wireless IP cameras, Security Cameras, Wireless Sounds Transceiver and Power Amplifier, and the like.MOKOPCB is making great efforts in your smart life.

one-stop Bluetooth Module PCB and PCBA manufacturer , design, components sourcing , manufacturing and assembly MOKOPCB is a professional Bluetooth Module PCB manufacturer in China, Shenzhen. With 15 years of development, MOKOPCB turns into a first class manufacturer of Bluetooth Module PCB BOARD, with production capability

Technical Specification for Hardware  (Template and Module)

Size Can be customized as your requirement
Bluetooth BLE4.0, TICC2640 or according customer’s demand
Sensor ICM20608 with six axes (Output duty cycle adjustable range: 1% ~ 100%)
Button Maximum support for 3 buttons
LED The number and color can be customized according to the customer
Output Up to 2 motors, PWM control, and the vibration mode can be customized
Power source Integrated power management chip, can charge the battery, and Real-time display of electricity
Power consumption Standby power consumption 15 mA, Sleep power consumption 0.2 mA
Software program composition  Supports multiple preset vibration modes
Support users to create vibration modes
Support button mode and intelligent mode switching
Support automatic disconnection when charging
Support multiple sets of motor asynchronous control
Support for device status reports
Real-time and reliable

The Advantage of MOKOPCB’s bluetooth module PCB assembly:

  • PCB quoted online
  • Original ICs and compoennts from stock
  • High quality PCBA and competitive price
  • 100% PCBA function testing
  • Warranty: 2 Years
  • Shortly lead time: PCB :4-9 days,PCBA:20-25days
  • Certificate:UL,ROHS,CE,ISO9001,ISO14001
  • PCBA OEM service with more than 15 years experience

Our PCB Assembly Services and Technologies:

Surface Mount AssemblyComponents are mounted by placing them directly onto the PCB’s surface.

Through Hole Assembly— Components are mounted by inserting leads into holes which are then covered by solder.
Mixed Technology Assembly
Both Through-Hole and SMT components are housed on the PCB.
Turnkey PCB Assembly
Based software and onshore PCB manufacturing to make developing printed circuit boards fast and hassle-free
Consignment PCB Assembly
With a consigned PCB assembly process, you supply us with all the parts and components required for your circuit boards, while we handle the fabrication and assembly for you.
Box Build Assembly
Box build assemblies, which are also referred to as system integrations, are the key products as far as PCB assembly is concerned. These electro-mechanical assemblies have protective enclosures and sub-assemblies.
BGA Assembly
A ball grid array (BGA) is a type of surface-mount packaging (a chip carrier) used for integrated circuits.

Mixed Technology Assemblywe always strive to meet the changing assembly needs of various industries. Our mixed technology PCB assembly services are designed to provide solutions for applications where a combination of through hole and surface mount assemblies are required.
Lead-Free PCB Assembly
MOKOPCB is among the leading innovators when it comes to lead-free printed circuit board assemblies.

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If you wish to know more about our PCB design and Bluetooth Module PCB services , please email your specifications to You can also contact us via phone at 86-755-23573370 Ext823.

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