Round Aluminum Metal Core PCB Boards Samples
Round Aluminum PCB Boards

Every rigid and flexible printed circuit board (PCB) design is different, customized to meet the board’s purpose. The same is true for the PCB base material — fiberglass is a popular base material, but aluminum-based PCBs are also very effective in many applications. Aluminum PCBs consist of a metal-based, copper-clad laminate that delivers high performance, including excellent thermal conductivity and electrical insulation.

MOKOPCB, located in Shenzhen, China, is a leading provider of a wide range of printed circuit boards, including metal-base or metal core aluminum PCB’s for the automotive, aerospace, consumer products and medical industries. Here’s our take on the uses and benefits of aluminum-based PCB.

Benefits of Aluminum-Based Printed Circuit Boards

Metal core PCBs have a unique set of advantages compared to other base materials:

Less expensive. Aluminum is indigenous to a variety of climates, so it’s easy to mine and refine. That makes it significantly less expensive to mine and refine than other metals. By extension, the manufacturing costs associated with products using aluminum PCBs are also less expensive. Aluminum PCBs are also a less expensive alternative to heat sinks.

Friendly to the environment. Aluminum is a non-toxic, recyclable metal. From the manufacturer through to the end consumer, using aluminum in PBCs contributes to a healthy planet.

Better heat transfer. High temperatures are the cause of heavy damage to electronics. Aluminum conducts and transfers heat away from critical parts to minimize damage to the printed circuit board.

Very durable. Aluminum is stronger and more durable than base materials like ceramic and fiberglass. It is very sturdy, and reduces accidental breakages that can occur throughout the manufacturing process, and during handling and everyday use.

Lightweight: Considering its durability, aluminum is very lightweight. It adds strength and resilience to PCBs without adding additional weight.

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Aluminum Base PCB Boards

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Aluminum PCB Applications

Here’s a more complete list of aluminum core PCB applications:

  • Telecommunications, including high-frequency amplifiers and filtering appliances
  • Power Supply, such as switching regulators and DC/AC converters
  • Automotive, including electronic regulators, lighting and power controllers
  • Computers, such as CPU boards, floppy drives and power devices
  • Power Modules, including converters, solid-state relays, power rectifiers, and bridges
  • Audio Devices, such as input and output amplifiers and power amplifiers
  • Office Automation, such as electric motors and drives
  • Consumer: Street lighting, Traffic control lighting, Interior building lights, Landscape lighting, and Camping gear.
  • Medical: Operating room lighting, Surgical lighting tools, High power scanning technology, and Power converters.

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