The medical industry includes everything from fire and rescue, and hospitals, to special care facilities. All these require equipment with advanced circuitry. Most medical equipment manufacturers prefer building prototypes as the first step of equipment engineering. This helps them identify defects in the development stage, correct them, and produce accurate equipment. Prototypes help minimize defects in a circuit at the development stage itself. MOKOPCB offers small, mid, and full-level manufacturing solutions for the medical device. Electronic Prototypes may be constructed first for proof of design and then we can take the products into full production.

We offer complete turnkey production solutions, including product management, order management, purchasing materials, secure warehousing and drop ship delivery to your customers. Our processes enable us to meet all document requirements, including traceability of materials and process validation.

Medical Device Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing 

We can help you meet mandatory certification requirements for safety. Our extensive experience in medical device manufacturing includes:

  • Health monitoring devices
  • Imaging and lab equipment electronics
  • Diagnostic equipment and controls
  • Robotic braces and motor controllers

MOKOPCB Medical Device PCB Assembly Sample & Capability Below:

Medical Smart Wristband PCB Circuit-Board

Medical Device PCB Assembly

Medical Machine Alert PCB Circuit Boards

ROHS Approved Scanning Instrument PCB  Assembly Board

Medical Power Supply PCB Aassmbly

Patient Monitor Medical Device PCB Assembly

Our state-of-the-art electronic PCB manufacturing equipment is capable of assembling rigid, flex, multi-layer, close proximity and fine pitch components. Each of our PCB prototypes and manufacturing runs go through a thorough circuit board test and inspection process that may include automated x-ray inspection, functional testing, flying probe testing, and even manual inspection as required.

With MOKOPCB, we’ll help you take your latest innovation, clear it through mandatory compliance requirements and scale it to production so that you can deliver it to the healthcare services marketplace in as short a time as possible.

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