LED lighting advancements continue to emerge into more and more consumer friendly applications. One of those growing areas is LED lamps, which are gaining popularity to their low heat emission, great light color, and sleek designs. In addition to being great inside, LED outdoor lighting is also gaining wide scale acceptance. Your landscape lighting is the first thing guests will notice as they enter and leave your home. LED outdoor fixtures will leave a lasting impression.

Round LED Panel Light PCB Boards Sample
Round LED Panel Light PCB Boards Sample

At MOKOPCB, we can assist you with all of your home and office lighting needs and designs. Innovative LED technology is a great solution for any need you may have and are available at great everyday prices. MOKOPCB Specialize in LED Light PCB, LED Tube PCB, LED Bulb PCB, LED Circuit Board Design, PCB Assembly, Printed Circuit Boards Manufacturer in China.

MOKOPCB LED Panel  Light PCB Specification: 

LED technology is highly efficient and offers many advantages over incandescent, neon, and fluorescent lighting solutions. LED lighting is highly energy efficient and has the potential to put money in your wallet due to lower electric bills. In addition to being efficient, LED Panel light PCB last a long time, are rugged, light instantly, and are environmentally efficient.

For the best in modern lighting, The Home Depot also has a large selection of recessed LED lights for residential, retail and commercial applications. LED recessed lighting allows for effective dimming in addition to producing better light which shows more color than the traditional fluorescent bulb.

  • High quality LED light PCB products, and competitively price. Products are very suitable and durableHigh quality LED Panel light PCB products, and competitively price
  • Very safe, no mercury, no any hazardous materials. It can be fully recycled.
  •  Easy to install
  •  Durable nature and Rugged design
  • Low maintenance

Looking for a more economical LED Panel Light PCB solution? Try MOKOPCB for a high efficiency and a low cost. MOKOPCB is Leading Manufacturer of panel light pcb led and down panel light pcb led from China. We are devotedly engaged in offering superior quality LED Panel Light PCB Assembly With long service life and optimum brightness, this panel light is obtainable at industry affordable price for our valuable customers.We look forward to becoming your one-stop LED PCB supplier. please contact us via telephone at 86-755-23573370 Ext823, or via email at nicholas@mokotechnology.com.

LED Panel Light PCB Example from MOKOPCB

20W square-LED Panel Light PCB LED

Round LED Panel Light PCB boards

LED Panel Light PCB Assembly

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