The LED lighting industry is expanding rapidly in response to increased interest in the more efficient and cost-effective lighting method, but much of the functionality of LED lights depends on the temperature of its system. For many companies, the solution to this problem is in aluminum-based PCBs.

To help you understand why the LED lighting industry uses PCBs, we’ve outlined the nature of PCB base layers, the attractive qualities of aluminum PCBs and why they work well in the LED lighting industry.

MOKOPCB, as a full-service PCB solutions provider with more than a decade of experience, we’re capable to provide LED Lighting PCB manufacturing, components procurement and LED Lighting PCB assembly all under one roof. We can work with you to develop metal core/aluminum circuit boards customized to your specific applications. We feature competitively priced PCBs made with standard FR-4 material that includes a thermal aluminum clad layer that will efficiently dissipate heat, keep all LED PCB components cool and significantly enhance the performance of your products.
Unlike our PCB assembly business, which is tailored to prototypes and short-run production, we assemble LED lighting PCB Boards in larger volumes!

MOKOPCB LED Lighting PCB Assembly Sample & Capability Below:

Traffic Sign Light LED PCB Assembly

SMD LED Light PCB Boards

LED Tube Driver PCB Assembly

Solar Lamp LED PCB Circuit Boards

Round Aluminum Metal Core PCB Boards Samples

Round Led PCB Assembly

LED Buugeng PCB Circuit Boards

Choose MOKOPCB as a LED Lighting PCB Assembly Provider

If you’re looking for an aluminum LED Lighting PCB manufacturer for your next LED project, you can place your confidence in MOKOPCB.

Based out of Shenzhen, China, MOKOPCB is a leading provider in printed circuit boards of all kinds. We have an experienced team that can handle orders of any size and importance, all while providing you with speedy and professional service.

At MOKOPCB, our goal is to redefine customer service — not only do our practices live up to ISO and IPC standards, but we guarantee service that is fast, inexpensive and defect-free! Our quality manufacturing process can make you custom board with any number of layers, all without sacrificing quality!

Contact us today or get a free quote to learn more about the services we have to offer, and how we can help with your next project!


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