Everyone knows PCB Circuit Board Paint Proof  is very useful in PCB industry. It is usually used in products that are used in outdoor environments where heat and moisture are prevalent. Coating also prevents damage from rough handling, installation, reduction of mechanical and thermal stress. It also prolong the life of the product during its operation.

Subwoofer Speaker Audio Amplifier Board
Subwoofer Speaker Audio Amplifier Board

The advantages of PCB circuit board paint are mainly as follows:

1, reduce the occurrence of failures. PCB circuit board coated with paint, can effectively prevent the line between the surface of the tin pin insulation, anti-static, short-circuit and other related failures.

2. Prevent oxidation. PCB circuit board coated with paint can protect the PCB surface tin point by air oxidation, make it more beautiful, but also can prevent dust obstruction and affect the work of the circuit board.

3. Extend service life. The surface of the PCB circuit board coated with anti paint can be protected in order to form the surface of the circuit board, can effectively play the role of insulation, moisture-proof, anti-static and other characteristics, can ensure that the circuit board can work normally in bad circumstances, and the delay circuit board the use of life.

4, improve appearance. Whether transparent or colored paint can improve the appearance of printed circuit boards, and the latter can ensure a higher degree of confidentiality by covering components and layout.

PCB coated with paint can make product function more stable, more durable and looks more beautiful, which is an important protection measures in the production process of PCB circuit board.

A PCB conformal coating is a protective polymer or chemical coating applied to an electronic assembly to protect it from harsh environmental conditions. Some of these environmental conditions may include salt sprays, moisture, dust, and corrosion. Non-conductive dielectric coatings increase Surface Insulation Resistance (SIR) of the circuit. MOKOPCB provides custom conformal coating services for a wide range of electronic components for PCB protection and performance reliability.

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