Smart Switch Printed Circuit Board Assembly

Smart Switch PCB Manufacturer
Smart Switch PCB Manufacturer

With over15 years of extensive experience, we offer top quality Smart Switch PCB Assembly and PCB Fabrication services to our customers worldwide. The PCB manufacturing and assembly process carried out by MOKOPCB is in compliance with international quality standards by using high-grade components in the assembly process.

MOKOPCB is a competitive China PCB/PCBA manufacturer for smart home switch OEM manufacturer, supplier, and vendor, you can get quick turn PCB/PCBA manufacturer for smart home switch production prototypes and samples from our factory.

Smart Switch PCB Assembly Description:

1.HASL(Hot Air Solder Leveling) Surface Finishing Technology.

2.Single board/2 Layer/Multilayer OEM&ODM Printed Circuit Board.

3. Famous Brand, Quality Guaranteed.

4. 100% Functional Tested.

5. UL,RoHS, SGS, ISO9001, ISO14001 Certificated.

6. Short Leadtime and Fast Delivery

7. NDA Signment

8. Any Question will be Replied ASAP(within 24 hours).

MOKOPCB can provide you with standard and custom PCBs built to your specifications. We offer our products within the fastest turnaround times. If you have any queries about our Smart Switch PCB circuit boards, feel free to contact us. You can call us at 86-755-23573370 Ext823, or send an email at

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