LED Flood Light PCB Circuit Boards
LED Flood Light PCB Circuit Boards

MOKOPCB is one of the leading manufacturers of LED Flood Light PCB in China.We provide high-performance,  energy saving, and long-lasting LED Flood Light PCB. Choose from a range of bulb shapes,   applications and color temperatures to create a Lighting ambience that fits  your mood. Our LED circuit boards (LED PCB) are specially designed for LED floodlight.

Use high Brightness LED Chips with great light effect, Luminous Flux reaches 700lm, light efficiency reaches 100lm/w. Compared with conventional incandescent lamp, lighting efficiency enhances 10 times, and saves 90% energy. Compared with conventional energy saving light, lighting efficiency enhances 200%, which is economical and environment-friendly. Replace the energy saving light and incandescent lamp with led, the operating costs will be greatly reduced.

Adopts Magnesium Alloy light fixture, which is the New Generation Model and makes its texture harder, weight lighter, heat dispersion better. And also makes its appearance more beautiful, compact and novel.

Professional LED Lighting PCB Manufacturing

  •  LED Light sources: 2835/3014/3528/5050/5630/5730/1W high power
  •  CCT:2800-3000K,4500-5000K,6000-6500K
  •  CRI: >75Ra,>80Ra
  •  Luminous flux output: it is depend on customized
  •  LED light: LED tube,LED bulb,LED ceiling light,LED downlight,LED panel light and etc.

All of the parameters can be customized!

Has several categories of color temperature, optional color temperature: warm white (2700k—3500k), natural white: 3800k—4800k, cool white: 5500k—6500k.

Has high color rendering, color rendering index reaches 80, highly improved than the traditional fluorescent lamp, which can reflect the original color of the object.

Has a long lifespan, which is more than 50,000 hours. It’s 10 times than the conventional energy saving light, 50 times than the traditional incandescent lamp. The warranty is 5 years.

Has a stable quality, which is approved by 3C, RoHS, CQC, CE, ISO 9000:2008.

Suits for professional application with indoor environment like in hotels, restaurants, offices, houses, meeting rooms, factories, workshops and supermarkets. Ideal replacement for conventional incandescent lam.

LED Flood Light Features:

  •  Efficient performance
  •  Ability to tolerate harsh weather conditions
  • Less maintenance needed.

If you have any inquiry about LED Flood Light PCB quotation or cooperation, please feel free to email us at nicholas@mokotechnology.com.