Nowdays, flexible PCBs are widely use in various different industries. As we know more and more high end device choose flexible PCBs. MOKO tell you that is is very necessary to understand differ PCB type rigid ability, especially flexible rigid PCB board.

PCB rigid depend on raw material performance.

If you have known the flexible PCB assembly process, you may know it’s a complex process. Usually should depend on four or five pins to align and fix.
In other words, flexible PCB has good bending ability, but not rigid ability.The main reason is the more conventional PCB use FR4 raw material, and have good reliability.
Or metal core PCB uses metal core as raw material. Those raw materials have good rigid ability.

PCB rigid ability relates to board thickness

As we know differ layer PCB board have differing thickness, and differ PCB type also have it’s own typically thickness.
Most of the time, limited to space or margin, or needed by design purpose, people need an extra thin PCB board.
So that PCB can use used in such as sensor card, or smart electronic car parts, and so on.
Also the thickness of the rigid PCB board have requiring.
Generally speaking, more thin, flexible rigid PCB board have better bending ability, but not same the PCB rigid ability.

PCB rigid ability also relates to the working environment

Most flexible PCB board plants will proclaim that they can produce highest reliability PCB board.
But they always ignore the working environment effected PCB rigid ability.
If you just use in consumer electronic products, high layer PCB board has exact good rigid ability.
But if you consider a smart card application, this is not correct.

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