GPS Tracker Printed Circuit Boards Solutions

MOKO 's GPS Tracker PCBA Circuit Boards
MOKO ‘s GPS Tracker PCBA Circuit Boards

A well-known leader in the vehicle tracking industry asked MOKO  to provide electronic PCB assembly services for a GPS fleet management device. We quickly identified opportunities for component optimization, DFx and process improvements, wireless testing processes, and super quality  services. Our team went beyond the role of a traditional contract and build-to-print assembly house to deliver additional value and benefit that helped provide the customer with a real and measurable competitive advantage.

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MOKO’s GPS Tracker Printed  Circuit Board Assembly and PCB Assembly Specs:

2,Board finished thickness:0.21mm-7.0mm
3,Material:FR-4,CEM-1,CEM-3,High TG,FR4 halogen Free,Rogers
4,Max.Finished board size:23*25(580*900mm)
5,Min.Drilled hole size:3mil(0.075mm)
6,Min.Line width:3mil(0.075mm)
Min.Line spacing:3mil(0.075mm)
7,Surface finish/treatment:HASL/HASL lead free,HAL,Chemical tin,Chemical Gold,Immersion Silver/Gold,OSP, Gold plating.
8,Copper thickness:0.5-7.0 oz
9,Solder mask color:Green/yellow/black/white/red/blue
10,Copper thickness in hole:>25.0 um(>1mil)
11,Inner packing:Vaccum packing/Plastic bag
Outer packing:Standard carton packing
12,Shape tolerance:±0.13
Hole tolerance:PTH:±0.076 NPTH:±0.05
14,Special requirements:Buried and blind vias+Controlled impedance+BGA

16,Provides OEM Services to all sorts of printed circuit board assembly as we as electronic encased products.

MOKO is  the Leading China Provider of PCB Assembly Services

At MOKO, our focus is completely on printed circuit board assembly. We specialize in providing high quality and cost-effective PCB assembly and quick turn assembly services. We offer PCB prototyping and production solutions with our primary and secondary services. Our other PCB services include:

PCB Design & Layout                                                                 SMT PCB Assembly
Through-Hole PCB Assembly                                                  Box Build Assembly
Lead-Free PCB Assembly                                                         Cable and Wire Harness Assembly
Quick Turn Network Switch PCB Assembly
BGA and Micro BGA Placement                                              BGA Rework
IC Programming                                                                           X-Ray Inspection
Automated Optical Inspection                                                In Circuit and Functional Testing
PCB Repair and Rework Services

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MOKO is your most reliable China GPS Tracking PCB Boards Partner

MOKO offers the latest technical capabilities to meet your most demanding project requirements for circuit card assembly..Custom printed circuit board assembly is our specialty. Clients can provide us the basic drawings or a schematic of the PCB design, and we take it from there. We work closely with our clients, to ensure that we understand their requirements before suggesting PCB design or assembly solutions.