MOKO provide high quality PCB fabrication and assembly at low cost, on time delivery and with 100% satisfaction guarantee. You can obtain instant online quotes for prototype or production PCB, PCB assembly, parts and stencils.

As one of leading printed circuit board manufacturers based in China, MOKO has over 15 years of experience in processing, in order to help more electronic processing clients to get a quick processing quotations, we set up a professional pricing team to realize fast quotation in 24 hours.

To generate PCB assembly quotation, we ask you to provide some documents and data, such as PCB files, Gerber files, BOM in Microsoft excel format, plate number of PCB board, pick and place files or center data, assembly documents, any special specifications. Bill of Materials should be Microsoft Excel Format.

Before you get the quotation, we will provide you with a free service, that is DFM ( manufacturability design) inspection.

Now, you can get a quick quotation as long as you send the files to

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