Are you looking for a place for cheap low volume PCB fabrication? Are you confused because there are too many choices online? Don’t be worry any more. Now, I prepare the best choice for you. is a platform, mainly to provide small batch PCB production, and offer excellent services with low cost PCB prototyping, cost-effective PCB manufacturing and the cheapest freight.

Benefits of MOKO’s Low Volume PCB Assembly Services

The following are few benefits of our lowvolume PCB assembly services:

  • Design Changes: Prototypes are tangible products, which help customers understand how their PCBs are going to look during the final stage. These prototypes allow clients to decide whether they want to proceed with the large production of PCBs.
  • Rigorous Testing and Troubleshooting: All prototypes undergo rigorous testing before leaving our premises. This assures clients that the PCBs will work as expected.
  • Quality Assurance: We use advanced testing equipment to ensure the components are working as per the client’s requirements. Also, we check if certain components need repair, or need to be replaced.
  • Competitive Prices: We conduct our services in our state-of-the art facility. Our tested and proven procedures help reduce errors, speed up time to market, and minimize waste.
  • The cheapest PCB prototyping:  In order to allow purchasers here to enjoy a better PCB prototyping services,MOKOPCB provides you with the cheapest PCB prototyping. Can you imagine the prototyping of basic double-sided boards here only need to cost 5 dollars? Don’t doubt it. It’s really true.
  • Cost-effective PCB manufacturing: Personally, when I am looking for PCB manufacturers, I will look forward to finding the cost-effective PCB manufacturing. But how can we make it come true? Of course if there are many PCB manufacturers I can select, it will make it easier to find one. MOKOPCB is mainly based on low volume PCB fabrication and has established a good relationship with plenty of PCB manufacturers China, I am sure you can find the most cost-effective PCB manufacturing here.
  • Low cost freight: For foreign trade, freight is also a major factor affecting purchasers when they need to choose a PCB manufacturer. In order to let buyers no longer hesitate because of high freight, MOKOPCB has established a good relationship with DHL and strived for maximum discounts from DHL. Thus, MOKOPCB reduced the shipping charges by 20%. Therefore, you will have an excellent user experience in

Cheap Low volume PCB Fabrication

Custom Low Volume PCB manufacture

China Low volume PCB Boards

Choose MOKO ‘s Low Volume PCB Fabrication to Save Time and Money

MOKOPCB’s specialty is in mid-to-low volume, high-to-medium mix electronic printed circuit board assemblies of SMT, through-hole, and mixed technologies. We take pride in our work and put huge emphasis in the quality of our products by providing a robust first article inspection process (FAI), automated optical inspection procedures for production runs, as well as X-raying BGA and micro BGA placements.

How To Obtain a Quote for your Low Volume PCB Fabrication

You can easily place a small-volume order and obtain a PCB assembly quote. Simply forward your BOM list and Gerber files to or call +86-755-23573370 Ext808. We will reply quickly.

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