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The Important Applications Of Automotives PCBs

As the technology is advancing day by day,the demands for more accessories and features of varying types is growing. There are so many different types of electronic systems in today’s automotives. the types of PCBs needed vary greatly. The same car may require Rigid PCB, Rigid-Flex PCB, Flex PCB, Aluminium PCB for different technologies.. PCB […]

Quality Control in PCB Manufacturing

PCBs are the most used and basic assembly unit applied by all types of electronic devices. All functions and performance of devices are implemented mainly by PCBs. Put simply, PCBs are the heart of electronic devices and both their quality and reliability is directly correlated with quality and reliability of electronic equipment. Nowadays, intelligence and […]

It is very Importance of Circuit Board Conformal Coating after Assembly

Nowadays electronic products are widely used in variety areas. So printed circuit board will work in larger environment. But PCB boards is easy to expose under different kinds of environment. They will be damaged because of change of water in atmosphere and environment temperature. In order to prevent printed circuit board corroding and ease harmful […]

Lead Free PCB Assembly – Best PCB Manufacturing Services

Lead free is restrictly controlled in electronics which are sold in Europe and America countries.The RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) directive does not allow the usage of six hazardous materials from use in electronic and electrical equipment manufacturing. Lead, which is used in Printed Circuit Board (PCB) manufacturing is one of the materials among the […]

GPS Tracker, GPS Module PCB Assembly Services from MOKOPCB

A GPS tracker essentially contains a GPS module to receive the GPS signal and calculate the coordinates. For data loggers it contains large memory to store the coordinates, data pushers additionally contains the GSM/GPRS modem to transmit this information to a central computer either via SMS or via GPRS in form of IP packets. MOKOPCB […]

Industrial Control PCB Assembly in China

MOKOPCB is a high qualiy PCB Assembly manufacturer with over15 years’ electronic manufacturing service (EMS), especially in intelligent control boards, high frequency boards and other PCB Assembly. All of our PCB Assembly(PCBA) products are produced under strictly observation of the ISO9001: 2008 and conform to the RoHS standard. So, all of our PCBA are lead-free […]

LED PCB Assembly Manufacturers-Best Quality and 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

With recent LED technology advancements, LEDs are becoming alternative replacements for conventional bulbs in a variety of industrial applications. While their usage continues to expand, most LED manufacturers are facing a big challenge – a tremendous amount of heat generated by the new components, which leads to circuit failure. A solution to this problem is […]

Choose MOKO ‘s Low Volume PCB Fabrication to Save Time and Money

Are you looking for a place for cheap low volume PCB fabrication? Are you confused because there are too many choices online? Don’t be worry any more. Now, I prepare the best choice for you. is a platform, mainly to provide small batch PCB production, and offer excellent services with low cost PCB prototyping, […]

RoHS Compliant PCB Assembly Services From MOKO

Restriction of Hazarous Substances (RoHS) is the banning of six hazardous substances. These substances are lead, cadmium, mercury, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyl and polybrominated biphenyl ethers. The Regulation of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) standard was originally created by the European Union. The RoHS standard aims at the eradication of varied hazardous materials from industrial environments. It […]

MOKO Obtain Full Success in Expo Electronica Moscow 2017

MOKO Obtain Full Success in Expo Electronica Moscow 2017 Venue: Moscow, Russia Booth NO. : A731 Date: 25-27 April, 2017 As a leading china PCB and PCB Assembly manufacturer,MOKO have attended Expo Electronica 2017 in MOSCOW, RUSSIA(3 days from 27 April, 2017 to 27 April, 2017),congratulate MOKO Technology Ltd has achieved full success in this big Expo […]