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Aluminum PCB’s Important Introduction

Printed circuit boards (PCBs) can be made from various metals. These special PCBs are known as a metal core printed circuit boards (MCPCBS). The choice of metal changes on the basis of the application. Aluminum PCBs are one of the popular types of metal MCPCBS, which find use in many modern day applications. These PCBs […]

The Best Double Layer and Double Sided Metal core PCB Manufacturer

Metal core printed circuit boards are suitable alternatives for FR4/CEM1-3 variants. Also, referred as MCPCBs, these circuit boards use metal as a core base material. These PCBs are differentiated on the basis of their construction. Single layer, double layer, double sided, and multi–layer PCBs are a few types. The double layer and double sided metal […]

Multi Layers Metal Core Printed Circuit Boards

Just like FR4 PCB, we can also make boards with more than 2 layers of traces and we named it “Multi Layers MCPCB”. The structure is similar with FR4 Multi Layers, but it much more complex to make. Multi Layers Metal Core Printed Circuit Boards are an excellent alternative to standard circuit boards, if the […]