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Metal Core Printed Circuit Boards Capalibity

MCPCB, Metal Core PCB, thermal PCB –  whichever name you prefer, they are all boards which use a base metal material as the heat spreader portion of the circuit board. These boards are also known by other names such as Insulated Metallic Substrate (IMS) PCBs, and thermal PCBs. These circuit boards are usually made of […]

Aluminum PCB’s Important Introduction

Printed circuit boards (PCBs) can be made from various metals. These special PCBs are known as a metal core printed circuit boards (MCPCBS). The choice of metal changes on the basis of the application. Aluminum PCBs are one of the popular types of metal MCPCBS, which find use in many modern day applications. These PCBs […]

LED Lighting PCB Assembly, LED Lighting PCB Boards

The LED lighting industry is expanding rapidly in response to increased interest in the more efficient and cost-effective lighting method, but much of the functionality of LED lights depends on the temperature of its system. For many companies, the solution to this problem is in aluminum-based PCBs. To help you understand why the LED lighting […]

The Best Double Layer and Double Sided Metal core PCB Manufacturer

Metal core printed circuit boards are suitable alternatives for FR4/CEM1-3 variants. Also, referred as MCPCBs, these circuit boards use metal as a core base material. These PCBs are differentiated on the basis of their construction. Single layer, double layer, double sided, and multi–layer PCBs are a few types. The double layer and double sided metal […]

Aluminum PCBs Play Important in the LED Lighting Industry

Printed circuit boards, or PCBs, are everywhere in our technology-based society. Everything from computers to medical equipment to cars contains these PCBs in one form or another. However, not all PCBs are the same— many of them use different designs or materials to suit a unique purpose. The base material is especially important for the […]

Select the Best 4 Layer PCB Manufacturing Supplier

MOKOPCB provides a variety of 4 Layer PCB, 4 Layer PCB Design,4 Layer PCB stackup, 4 layer circuit board, 4 layer PCB thickness that meets their every user requirements. Equipped with a professional and thriving four layer PCB factory, MOKOPCB  is one of the transcendent manufacturers of 4 layer pcbs, 4 layer pcb boards, 4 […]

Industrial Control PCB Assembly in China

MOKOPCB is a high qualiy PCB Assembly manufacturer with over15 years’ electronic manufacturing service (EMS), especially in intelligent control boards, high frequency boards and other PCB Assembly. All of our PCB Assembly(PCBA) products are produced under strictly observation of the ISO9001: 2008 and conform to the RoHS standard. So, all of our PCBA are lead-free […]

LED PCB Assembly Manufacturers-Best Quality and 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

With recent LED technology advancements, LEDs are becoming alternative replacements for conventional bulbs in a variety of industrial applications. While their usage continues to expand, most LED manufacturers are facing a big challenge – a tremendous amount of heat generated by the new components, which leads to circuit failure. A solution to this problem is […]

With More Economical LED Panel Light PCB Solutions to Save Energy and Money

LED lighting advancements continue to emerge into more and more consumer friendly applications. One of those growing areas is LED lamps, which are gaining popularity to their low heat emission, great light color, and sleek designs. In addition to being great inside, LED outdoor lighting is also gaining wide scale acceptance. Your landscape lighting is […]

Reduce Your Assembly Time with MOKO’s Reliabile Rigid Flex Printed Circuit Board

Looking for rigid flex circuits for your next project and achieve enhanced prototype performance and reliability. These two-in-one compositions combine the best features of rigid boards and flex circuits to allow better quality control and higher component density. Present in most electronics today, rigid flex variants have seen explosive growth in recent years. The versatility […]