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As a professional printed circuit board manufacturer, MOKOPCB provides PCB and printed board assembly services. Such as Surface-mount (SMT), Thru-hole (THT), mixed Technology (SMT & Thru-hole), Single and Double sided placement, Fine pitch components, and many more. Our Instant online quoting and ERP tracking system make it easy to place your project. Click here to contact us and we are 24 hours online.


Main Services

Quick Turn PCB manufacturing and PCB Assembly Service

MOKOPCB is the leader in global PCB and PCB assembly suppliers. We provide high quality PCB fabrication and Turnkey assembly services over 15 years in China. We are strict with quality and are committed to adhere the strictest standard on our products. Moreover, our company purchases materials and components from authorized distributors.

Printed Circuit Board Samples MOKO Manufacture

MOKOPCB is a Leading China PCB  and PCBA manufacturer  with a long standing tradition of quality and excellence since 2003 . Our company focuses on rigid pcb, high density pcb and Aluminum pcb with quick turn service. Now we can provide from 1 to 20 layers of PCB products, which includes double layers PCB, Multilayer PCB, Metal core PCB, Rigid-Flex PCB and High Density Interconnect (HDI )PCB boards, etc. Our PCBs has very high reliability and offers cost and quality effective solutions. We look forward to start our Cooperation..

Why Customers Choose us?

MOKOPCB is one of global key suppliers for high quality PCB fabrication and turnkey assembly services based in China. We have been providing affordable professional PCBs for 15+ years. We are strict with quality, and our company is committed to adhere the strictest standards for production, procuring materials and components from authorized distributors.

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Frequently asked questions about the PCB fabrication, assembly, component services. Hope these help you out!

What files do you use in bare PCB fabrication?

Gerber RS-274X, 274D, Eagle and AutoCAD's DXF, DWG

What format of Bom List you prefer?

We prefer in MS-Excel with Components Part No., Manufacturer, Quantity, Value info, other format are also accepted.

How can I know the processing about my PCBA order?

Each customer will have a sale person to contact with you. Eastwin working hours: AM 9:00-PM 6:00 (Beijing Time) from Monday to Friday. we will reply your email in 2hours during our working time. And you also could contact with our sales by cellphone if urgent.

How long will we get the quotation after providing pcb gerber file,completed bom list,part datasheet and PNP file?

The quotation will be sent in less than 2 business days, for some special components, you also could recommend supplier to us.

If all PCBAs will be tested before delivery if we provide the function testing method?

Yes, we ensure that each piece of PCBA will be tested before shipment, we ensure the goods we sent with good quality.

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